Momoiro Closet Theme Song EP

Momoiro Closet Theme Song EP

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Opening/Ending Theme EP for Momoiro Closet.
Includes 4 tracks in both WAV and MP3 formats.

1. Voila! Magic Closet
Vocals: Haruko Momoi

2. To The Next Level
Vocals: Chiaki Hashimoto

3. Voila! Magic Closet - instrumental -

4. To The Next Level - instrumental -

Note: This EP is sold as DLC, and thus the files will be downloaded to the folder in which the game is installed.
You can check the installation location of the game by right-clicking the game in the Library section of the Steam client and select Properties, followed by clicking "Browse Local Files..." on the "Local Files" tab.

WAV:44.1kHz 16bit



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